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Electronic 2-stage pressure switch model ESPD An innovative product by Euroswitch.

Designed for accurate detection of 2 separate pressure thresholds, which can be adjusted at will within the different measuring ranges (from -1 to +600bar), this model is highly flexible and easy to set.
The values of the two PNP or NPN digital outputs, (NO or NC) and the relevant ‘histeresis’ can be either factory preset or set by the Customer via Euroswitch SCD 4.0 configurator.
In addition, using the 'Monitor' screen of the configurator, you can display the Pressure and Temperature precise values, allowing the ESPD to be used as a Pressure and Temperature transmitter as well.
The pressure is also shown in a scroll chart, where you can check how it is progressing.

A 'thermal lockout' value can also be set to prevent incorrect 'cold' signals, which inhibits intervention until the desired temperature value is reached.

The body is made of AISI316, the sensing element is made of ceramic, the 10-30 VDC power supply and the electrical connection with an IP67-rated M12x1 connector make it suitable for many applications in the many different fields of industry.
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