Euroswitch is investing in research and development as part of natural technological expansion, and evolving with the use of cutting-edge protocols, such as IO-link technology.

IO-link is a communication protocol between a control system and the field, in which sensors become an active part of the processes in one automation system. They autonomously report information to the control system and receive the processed signals.

It is a serial communication protocol, which enables the bi-directional exchange of data between sensors and the IO-link master, which in turn transmits data on networks, fieldbuses or different backplanes, making them accessible for use immediately, or to enable long-term analysis via a controller, e.g. a PLC or HM interface.

IO-link is a point-to-point communication protocol between a compatible IO system and a device in the field. Thanks to its 'open-standard' characteristics, devices can basically be integrated in any fieldbus or automation system. This protocol makes it possible to reduce total costs, increase the efficiency of processes, and maximise the availability of machines.

The main benefits of using an IO-link system are the following:

  • standardised cabling with minimal connection complexity
  • increased data availability
  • remote configuration and monitoring
  • simple device replacement
  • advanced diagnostic features
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