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NEW CATALOGUE 2020 EUROSWITCH PRESSURE SWITCHES The innovations include pressure switches with built-in connector and the SCD4.0 Programmer

It’s time for reprints and new editions at Euroswitch, the Sale Marasino-based company of excellence, which has designed and produced premium-quality level, pressure, temperature and rotation sensors for use in numerous fields of industry for over 40 years.
Euroswitch's new 2020 catalogue of   “Pressure  Switches & Sensors“ has just come out in  Italian and English and will soon be available online as well (download from The new version has been extended and both graphics and contents have been restyled. It illustrates all the products being marketed and applied successfully in numerous fields of application and also the new products that have recently joined the macro-family of pressure switches. The latter includes the new range of pressure switches with built-in connector, which are designed for use in fields such as farm machinery, commercial vehicles, and hydraulic and filtration systems.  Last but not least comes the innovative SCD4.0 PROGRAMMER (acronym for Sensor Configurator Device), which is designed to allow autonomous programming of 4 types of products under Industry 4.0.
Each model  in the catalogue comes with a detailed data sheet, which provides technical details and applications and also acts as a guide for the development of custom pressure switches that can be built to exact specifications. The catalogue also contains the Quality Certifications obtained by the company, namely UNI EN ISO 9001-2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, ATEX, UL-CSA and RINA.
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